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My Story

An event on February 4th, 2019 changed my life, at 7:45 pm I had a sudden awakening. It started with what I can only describe as a hot flash or as I refer to it now as a brush fire that ignited every cell and nerve in my body.


This little-understood phenomenon happened to me without study or any traumatic circumstance it is now a day I consider my new birthday. When you become unified with your body and the universe the possibilities are endless. 


What is unity? For me, there was a revelation when I “got it” after my awakening, for way too many years I was existing within my "meat suit" never feeling connected to my body. This made dieting and exercise futile, public speaking painful, and relationships disconnected. The overwhelming feeling of unworthiness was like an anchor weighing me down preventing me to soar to great heights.


The weeks and months that followed my awakening we not without drama and I found myself stumbling around in search of answers to this newfound clarity and mindset. 

I present myself now as someone on an incredible journey, learning from experience, accepting the knowledge, and understanding its purpose. It is amazing where the universe will take us if we get out of our own way.


I embraced the information at hand to develop skills that can help anyone who is willing to explore inside themselves and allow themselves to soar to new levels of peace, joy, and understanding. 


I have named this phenomenon ARTISTRY IN ENERGY because I feel everyone who experiences a session has the ability to become their own Energy Artist. We control our mind and body. Every spectacular session is an opportunity for you the learn and to take away the skills that you reveal to yourself. 


A session begins with a unique connection to the universe and our higher self. 

A safe and comforting environment, soothing music with the power of human touch encourages our minds to relax.



May I touch you?

Together we take it from there.


An open mind is all that is required, some of the best results happen with a clear mind that is void of other teaching and techniques. Like when creating a painting is easier with a blank canvas than one that has someone else work already on it. This is your discovery of yourself.


For me visualization is paramount for every session, the pre awakened me was an event decor professional for 25 years. 

Think of it as a mind-powered, virtual reality. together we can practice how to build an image in your mind, this exercise helps “open” your third eye.




One request is that you set an intention for the session this can remain private to you and your guides or can be shared and discussed. Many events along my journey of discovery can be applicable to you and therefore helpful in your journey.

During the session I apply a variety of touch techniques from feather-light to deep tissue and pressure points, it is my intent is to deliver source energy to spots within your body that are low in energy, areas of fatigue, or pain. It is like getting the energy boost into every cell of your being. This process of recharging also includes dynamic off-body energy work some liken this to refreshing your aura energy field.


For clients who live with pain, the intent is to kindle a relationship and understanding with their pain. The goal is to know the difference between the fear of pain to an actual pain point. This understanding of pain can lead to increased mobility and a better quality of life.


The work we do together goes beyond massage. This is a connection, an interaction, I encourage you to express with movement what your body is telling you to do, go to a place your mind takes you, and express with sound what you are feeling. Joy and bliss are way better goals than just muscular relief.

Like i say…

The body wants to dance

The mind wants to dream

The voice wants to sing

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